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The Edara method is a new way of learning, playing, feeling and appreciating music. There are two things that make an Edara lesson very different from a normal music lesson. Firstly, we learn together, as a band. This is not only really fun, but taps into what music is all about- being part of a collective experience; engaging in a deep form of communication. Our first priority as musicians is to be able to make music with other people.

Secondly, as well as learning ‘pieces’, we focus on the whole musician, we train the ‘musical ear’, the ability to read music and develop co-ordination and rhythm skills. Working on these skills is extremely important, but also makes music a lot more fun and accessible. We also introduce students to lots of different types of wonderful music. (One of our students just returned from Cuba and was delighted he was able to play and sing with the musicians over there, as he had learned a popular Cuban song last term). In short, we not only teach students to understand the language of music, but give them the keys to the library. Students who progress through our training become extremely independent, they can teach themselves and take charge of their own musical destinies.

While our method is still fairly young, in this short time we have had a great deal of success with students taking our classes gaining entry to music specialist schools such as Junior Academy at the RAM and Purcell School of Music, as well as performance careers across the music industry.


What do students, parents, teachers and fellow musicians think of us?


“Edara is awesome, the kids love it!”

Cushla Barry, Parent


“The Edara Method is essential. There are certain skills that professional musicians have – as a leaner they seem superhuman; impossible to achieve (e.g. playing several instruments to a high standard, figuring out melodies and chords in seconds by ear). Until The Edara Method, these skills could only be learnt on the job; in a professional environment. The Edara Method cuts the nonsense and teaches skills that I use on every working day, and puts me at a great advantage to become more involved in the world of professional music. Don’t be confused; the Edara Method is not a theory or instrumental class; it’s a music class. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning to play music professionally or to a high standard.”

Seth Tackaberry (15)

“The Edara method is the most innovative approach to ‘learning music’. My sons are accomplished ‘instrument players’, but this programme is helping them to become true musicians. We had nothing like this in the United States. Joe and Tom are true innovators in their field.”

Chris Hafner- Parent 

“The Edara method has made practising my music much easier and less of a chore. I’ve progressed more quickly in my instrumental studies since I started taking the Edara classes and I can now hear and enjoy the details of a song more clearly with this training”

Lawrence – Student (16)

“The Edara method has helped me practice and learn songs easily and has made focusing on different parts of a song easier”

Andreas – Student (13)

“To watch the band perform on stage with poise, confidence and without missing a beat has been really quite amazing -all thanks to the Edara Method!… For teenagers to pull together and perform with such professionalism is really quite admirable”

Proud & happy parent



“Since meeting Tom, Joe and Cesc I have been completely thrilled with the sheer musical excellence of the Edara course. This musicianship course has been designed in an enormously thoughtful way, where no musical junction will have been left unexplored, all heart-warmingly seen and developed from the eyes of their lucky students. This is the course that we all wish we had attended as budding and enthusiastic learners. A course that compliments and encourages a child’s instrumental progress and a course that can give the pupil a reason to play music. At a later stage it will give students a reason to continue playing music. The course gives it’s students an armoury of core skills that will help them over the ever larger musical hurdles in the modern world and support them well into their adult musical lives. I know not of another course that has popular music at it’s very heart, yet has such musical rigour and testing demands laid at the feet of it’s students. This is a conservatoire type preparation but towards an ‘other’ music. If every child’s musical education was as carefully planned, well-structured, cared for, as well delivered and given as much enthusiasm, then the future for our young musicians would be very bright indeed. Simply superb.”

Karl Leutfeld

Director of Music at St. Anthony’s Prep, Hampstead

“At Harris Academy South Norwood our most dedicated Musicians, those who clearly love music, work tirelessly for excellence and will perform at the drop of a hat, are those who have benefited from the expert training provided by Edara.  To further grow this passion within the academy we arranged for our year 10 GCSE music students to receive Edara training and the benefits were huge. After just one lesson, even shy and reluctant students were singing, and reading musical notation as if they had been doing it for weeks and after less than a term every single member of the class performed in a band at our Christmas concert. I was so impressed by the progress that our GCSE Music students made whilst learning through the Edara method I decided to try it for myself. As a ‘non-musical’ actor and dancer I grew up feeling left out because I thought I couldn’t ‘do music’: I only wish Edara had been around when I was a teenager. Having started out not even being able to recognise different instruments on a pop track I can now do things I never dreamt of including singing as part of a group, transcribing songs and I’ve even played in two concerts on two different instruments! Whether you love playing your instrument and want to become a true musician or are the least musical person in the world, you need Edara!”

Francesca Fennell

Co-ordinator of Creative Arts, Harris Academy South Norwood

“This music course will really give you something that you’re (unfortunately) not going to get from many other places. It could save you years of working on the wrong stuff, namely, music theory that doesn’t relate to listening. A few months of this kind of work will open your awareness of music up in the most amazing way. I wish I’d had access to this kind of teaching when I was at school.”

Richard Gold

Guitar Teacher – John Henry Newman School

Professional musician – Rhythms of the City, Shadow Writing

“Fantastic job, this is EXACTLY the type of teaching we need in this country to get some smoking hot musicians out there. Great stuff.”

Ross Jarrett

Professional musician

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