Our Classes

Edara classes are an exciting way into the world of music where children gain confidence and a love for music by learning together as a band. Through the unique structure of the course, children naturally develop their rhythm, musical ear and musical literacy to a high level. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced instrumentalist, our focus on creating the ‘whole musician’ will be sure to challenge and inspire them.

We teach four children’s classes each week and the sessions are based in Voxbox, Camden. The classes are grouped by age, with various levels of experience in one class and are open to all instrumentalists. An important part of our philosophy is that classes are open to all and sessions are excellent value, priced at £12 / lesson (£144 / term).

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17:00-18:00 – 6-9 yrs


11:15-12:15 9-12 yrs

12:30-13:30 12+ yrs

13:45-14:45 6-9 yrs


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