Our philosophy

The Edara method is a new way of learning, playing, feeling and appreciating music. There are two things that make an Edara lesson very different from a normal music lesson. Firstly, we learn together, as a band. This is not only really fun, but taps into what music is all about- being part of a collective experience; engaging in a deep form of communication. Our first priority as musicians is to be able to make music with other people.

Secondly, as well as learning ‘pieces’, we focus on the whole musician, we train the ‘musical ear’, the ability to read music and develop co-ordination and rhythm skills. Working on these skills is extremely important, but also makes music a lot more fun and accessible. We also introduce students to lots of different types of wonderful music. (One of our students just returned from Cuba and was delighted he was able to play and sing with the musicians over there, as he had learned a popular Cuban song last term). In short, we not only teach students to understand the language of music, but give them the keys to the library. Students who progress through our training become extremely independent, they can teach themselves and take charge of their own musical destinies.

While our method is still fairly young, in this short time we have had a great deal of success with students taking our classes gaining entry to music specialist schools such as Junior Academy at the RAM and Purcell School of Music, as well as performance careers across the music industry.

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