“What I really liked about the class was that I was learning with people around the same place in their career and felt happy to put themselves back to square one and learn something new. It’s actually pretty hard to find anything (that’s not a degree) where you can learn with working musicians.” – Rosanna Ter-berg, award-winning flautist.

Our Pro-classes are a special class set aside for accomplished musicians and music teachers. The sessions are focused around the jazz-standard repertoire and serve as an excellent introduction to the music for musicians who work in other styles, or those who want to focus on developing their improvisational and aural skills to a very high level. Even for professional musicians, jazz can be an imposing and difficult subject to get to grips with and many of our students have been amazed at how this work has opened up their ears to this music and to improvising within a group context.

Sessions take place at 20:00-21:00 in Rooz studios, Old Street

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