Teacher offer

Dear Music Teacher,

Thanks for taking the time to check us out.

In a nutshell, we will provide your students with:

  • A highly structured, proven and effective way of developing excellent musicianship, so more of your lesson is focused on the music and on the instrument.
  • The experience of playing as part of a band and the opportunity to explore a huge breadth of music in a fun environment.
  • The opportunity to meet and play with other young people with similar interests.
  • A 25% discount for this term when registering before the 20th September 2014. For an opportunity to try out the class for free and receive the 25% discount, students must go to edaramethod.org/register, fill out the short form and quote your name in the ‘comments’ section.

Don’t forget if you are taking one of the Edara pro courses any student you recommend that signs up will entitle you to 25% off a pro course. So sign up 4 students to Edara and get the term for free!

Level 1 and 2 Classes are held on Saturday AM in Kings Cross, though advanced students may be eligible for Advanced Musicianship / Session Band, which are held fortnightly on a Sunday morning.

Email us directly for any more details: info@edaramethod.org

If you would like flyers for your school / personal teaching use please get in touch with your address…


We deal with musicianship in a unique and fundamental way whilst learning as part of a band. Our students learn theory, ear-training, sight-reading and ensemble skills all in one place in a fun, practical and immersive way. For those interested in music-teaching methodology, we use the sol-fa ‘language’ to teach melody and harmony, pushing it beyond its conventional diatonic use all the way through to bebop language. Central to the Edara Method is the use of the voice which we use to develop students hearing in both pitch and rhythm and all our students become comfortable singing in harmony. We use the body and movement as a reference point for all rhythmic work to develop time-feel and independence, though in a different way to the Kodaly and Dalcroze methods you may have come across. From the very beginning there is an emphasis on time-keeping and transcription for all students and advanced students learn to improvise by ear and arrange whilst developing their instrumental skills to a high level. We are open to all instrumentalists and introduce students to a broad spectrum of music and, though we are slightly angled towards the discipline of playing groove-based music (pop, jazz, and other music of african origin) our course is of much benefit to all musicians. Please see some of our fantastic testimonials from fellow teachers, musicians, students and parents and take a minute to look around the site.

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