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 Sing it, read it, play it, share it, love it.

Do you know the secret to becoming a fantastic musician?


It’s often overlooked but the most important thing you need to become an excellent musician is simply a love of music. With a genuine love of music comes the motivation to practise, to listen, to discover, to take music wherever you want to.

Our students love playing music, because the Edara method is designed, first and foremost, to make learning music fun and enjoyable. From the moment you first enter an Edara class, you become part of a band, learning and growing musically with your band-mates and building confidence in a supportive environment.

Opening up the world of music.

With our unique and innovative approach, we don’t just inspire you, we help you gain a deep understanding of music. Together, we learn to sing, read, hear and play the universal language of music in a natural, effortless way.

The result of our training? Excellent all-round musicians, fluent and literate in music, who are able to explore the world of music independently.

Why else should you learn with Edara? 

  • Our classes are open to all instruments, ages* and abilities- Anyone can join
  • All students have the opportunity to perform not just in concerts, but participate in extended projects, recordings and video.
  • Music is a huge subject to master, the Edara Method navigates a way through carefully from the basics to complex music (see the video above) giving you effortless progression from beginner to experienced musician.
  • Superb and convenient locations in Central London.
  • Excellent Value- our price of just £12 per session is less than 1/3 the cost of the average music lesson.


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*6 yrs and over






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